A Chat with Ben and Andrew about The Pinstripe Pigeon Band

The Pinstripe Pigeon Band has people talking…

At Carlisle Music City, BBC Cumbria played a live recording of the group, and BBC Introducing Lancashire has showcased a live radio session with the band. The band’s performances at The Ferret, 53 Degrees, Night & Day, and Kendal Calling’s Woodland Stage were impressive to say the least, and they are set to headline The Castle in Manchester and Lomax in Liverpool.

In correlation with their growing fan base and live shows, The Pinstripe Pigeon Band now has their newest EP ‘Sound Asleep’ releasing on August 3, 2015 to go along with the other EPs they have been steadily releasing to positive reception. On the lead track, ‘Never Be Apart,’ the catchy melodies and Kirsty Harvey’s vocals can’t help but to get stuck in your head. As Kirsty Harvey covers the vocals, Gareth Woodfield handles keys, Ben Titley is on the guitar, the synths go to Andrew Bamber, Joe Parker is on the drums, and Dave Sandler plays bass.

An ambitious studio project led to the formation of the Pinstripe Pigeon Band. Genres of electronica, sophisti-pop, anthemic rock, funkadelia and the inspirations of The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Motown, The Band, Chic, John Coltrane, The E Street Band, Ben Harper, and Ryan Adams are infused together with this eclectic pop collective and it is also what sets this band of seven apart.

Curious to know more about this band from Preston, I was able to get in contact with Ben and Andrew and here is what they had to say:

Q: I would love to know more about the band members. Are all of you originally from Preston?

Ben: Four of us are yeah. Joe is from Barrowford and Kirsty is from Carlisle.

Q: Beginning as a small studio project, a seven-member band formed and went on to release 5 EP’s, all of which received positive reviews. What was the chain of events that led to such an eclectic band coming together?

Ben: Gaz, Andrew, Dave and I were actually in a band together before. We started the studio project when our other band went on hiatus. After we released our first 2 EPs we kept getting asked to play gigs, but we didn’t really have a live line-up at that point. It was a case of trying to build a group around our core members to play some gigs. It’s been a constantly evolving lineup.

Q: Music is transformative within itself. How have your friendships evolved as you continue to make music and perform together?

Ben: Most of us were all friends before we were in Pinstripe. We probably have more little arguments than we would if we weren’t in Pinstripe, but it’s all part of being in a band, especially when you have strong-willed people like we do.

Andrew: Playing music together is a true test of friendship, as you are around each other a lot more than you would otherwise be and when you get on stage you are relying on the others to remember their bits, just as you are relied upon to remember yours.

Q: Your artistic influences are a mix of various iconic musicians. When you found your voice as a band, how did you know it was right? That your sound what The Pinstripe Pigeon Band was all about?

Ben: To me it’s on a song by song basis. You know when a song is right. When everything clicks. I think if we started thinking in terms of what a Pinstripe Pigeon Band song is we’d start limiting ourselves and it would quickly become very boring for us as songwriters. I think it would be boring for people listening too. What makes us sound like us is that it is us playing, writing, singing and producing everything. I’ve always enjoyed bands that do lots of different things, but still sound coherent. The Clash still sound like The Clash whether they’re doing ‘White Riot’ or ‘Rock the Casbah’.

Andrew: Except for Joe, who is somehow even younger than Justin Bieber, we all grew up and developed our musical tastes in the 90’s and I think this band tries to pay tribute to a lot of those influences (the good ones). But on the most part we play what we think sounds good, and if it doesn’t then we don’t play it.

Q: Your live shows are generating a lot of buzz and you have a very impressive line-up. As you continue to win over audiences, what is one thing you would want your fans to remember about your performances?

Ben: I would like them to remember to buy a CD before they leave.

Andrew: This gig was good, the next one will be better. Same goes for the next gig… So keep coming to our gigs please and thank you for your support!

Q: Anything else you would like to add?

Ben: We have an EP out on 3rd August called ‘Sound Asleep’. There’s are 5 tracks and there will be a video for each of them, so take a look on youtube.


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